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West River Railroad Depot Renovation, South Londonderry, Vermont

Original West River Railroad Depot Current West River Railroad Depot

The 1880 depot in South Londonderry, Vermont, at the northern terminus of the West River Railroad served the railroad until it went out of business in 1936. Since then the old depot has been a store, offices and apartment. Additions were added and the building lost its railroad station character. The Friends of the West River Trail purchased the then empty depot in 2002 to restore the exterior and use the building as their headquarters and a community function facility.

West River Railroad Depot Plans

Construction began in September 2007 with the removal of the appendages added after 1936 and continued over the winter with the addition of a new foundation and the replacement of extensive rotten or missing material.

West River Railroad Depot Renovation Work Bill Badger AIA holding a meeting at the West River Railroad Depot Jobsite